Gardening in harmony with nature: The key to a successful organic garden!

With the return of spring, nature is back to life! This natural cycle has a direct influence on human life.

With our sustainable development policy, we make choices: creating landscapes that are low maintenance by selecting plants that are suitable to the existing environment. This requires identifying the type of soil and the hardiness zone for your area, which is 4b for the Outaouais. It is important to invest in good quality soil in order to have healthier plants that are resistant to the changing climate. All you need to do is observe the plants that are growing well in your environment.

Use environmentally-friendly fertilizers instead of chemicals. They are easy to find on the market. Soluble fertilizers result in high pollution. Did you know that 80% of nitrogen and phosphorus in soluble fertilizers are not absorbed by plants? They quickly leach out with rain and watering, and end up in our waterways. Chemical fertilizers are very rich in nitrates and phosphates which contribute to increasing blue-green algae in our waterways.

Better yet, if you have good quality soil , you won’t need to buy extra fertilizers. Make sure to keep plant residues to cover the foot of the plants and never cut flower stems in spring or fall. This way, you will protect and feed microorganisms and insects that are beneficial to nature.

Finally, overuse of paving stones in your landscapes compromises the permeability of the soil. So use paving stones intelligently.

Forget about old rules and habits! Instead, apply Mother Nature’s principles. Your environment will be better off!