Natural Stone : Absolutely!

Stones come in various categories and colors such as calcium, granite and silica. These types of stones are used for building stairs, to finish a driveway or to create a wall.

Stones can be cut to be more linear and defined depending on the shape we want. You can create different types of finishes depending on the type of cut. Stones can be buffed, roughened or sand-blasted. You can pick the type of finish according to the ambiance of your living space.

We can use stones in its natural state to create a more rustic look.

These days, several concrete suppliers offer products that imitate natural stone, such as paving stones which provide some advantages. Paving stones are often more economical, are homogenous, can be found almost everywhere, and are resistant to de-icing salt in winter. Paving stones become out of style with time and lack character. Natural stone, however, is timeless.

Paving stones follow the current trend. Natural stone, on the other hand, is not well-know and, therefore, not common and sometimes more expensive. Natural stone doesn’t come in a standard size and has small imperfections that makes it unique.

Natural stone gets better with time and ages well just like a good wine!